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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19096154014810646294754990*Ross Warren-SmithNorth Sydney Black2018/2019U17 Sunday AM on Turf1 1Mosman McCabe
247157906514810646295206347Morgan SheehyNorth Sydney Blue2018/2019U13 Sunday AM1 1St Ives Starc
33679465614810646295206136*Andrew J HunterNorth Sydney Black2018/2019U13 Sunday AM1 1Lindfield McGrath
43696755014810646293332536*Venkata Prabhat SandugulaNorth Sydney Black2018/2019U12 Saturday PM 30 Over1 1Mosman Border
53591514814810646295206135*James EdwardsNorth Sydney Black2018/2019U13 Sunday AM1 1Lindfield McGrath
635144449014810646295206135*Jack FerrisNorth Sydney Black2018/2019U13 Sunday AM1 1Lindfield McGrath
733126058614810646294633433*Benjamin GrayNorth Sydney Yellow2018/2019U12 Div 3 Saturday 1.00PM - 20 Over1 1Lindfield Gilchrist
832104451414810646294626832*Alastair HerbertNorth Sydney White2018/2019U12 Div 2 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over1 1Mosman Ponting
93096217514810646295206130Thomas KalogerouNorth Sydney Black2018/2019U13 Sunday AM1 1Lindfield McGrath
103097065714810646294661030*Jacob KnillNorth Sydney Green2018/2019U14 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over1 1RHHCC Pirates
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 30 and 100 runs.

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