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Matches Played

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Match Format 
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NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM
NSJCA:DRAFT U15 SIXERS Girls Spring Saturday PM
NSJCA:U13 Sunday AM
NSJCA:U13 Sunday AM1
NSJCA:DRAFT U11 SIXERS Girls Summer Saturday AM Stage 1
NSJCA:DRAFT U11 SIXERS Girls Summer Saturday AM Stage 11
NSJCA:U10 South Saturday 10.30AM
NSJCA:U10 South Saturday 10.30AM1
NSJCA:U10 South Saturday 10.30AM2
NSJCA:U10 South Saturday 10.30AM3
NSJCA:U10 South Saturday 10.30AM4
NSJCA:U9 North Saturday 8.00AM
NSJCA:U9 North Saturday 8.00AM1
NSJCA:U9 North Saturday 8.00AM2
NSJCA:U9 North Saturday 8.00AM3
NSJCA:U9 North Saturday 8.00AM4
NSJCA:U9 North Saturday 8.00AM5
NSJCA:U12 Div 1 Saturday 1.00PM 20 Over
NSJCA:U9 South Saturday 10.30AM
NSJCA:U9 South Saturday 10.30AM1
NSJCA:U9 South Saturday 10.30AM2
NSJCA:U13 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over
NSJCA:U13 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over1
NSJCA:U11 North Saturday 8.00AM
NSJCA:U11 North Saturday 8.00AM1
NSJCA:U14 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over
NSJCA:U12 Div 3 Saturday 1.00PM - 20 Over
NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 30 Over
NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 30 Over1
NSJCA:U17 Sunday AM on Turf
NSJCA:U10 North Saturday 8.00AM
NSJCA:U10 North Saturday 8.00AM1
NSJCA:U10 North Saturday 8.00AM2
NSJCA:U10 North Saturday 8.00AM3
NSJCA:U10 North Saturday 8.00AM4
NSJCA:U12 Div 2 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North1
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North2
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North3
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North4
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North5
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North6
NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM North7
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