Parent Coaches and Volunteers

Junior Cricket relies on parents volunteering their time to coach and manage teams, as well as umpiring and scoring.  Please get involved to help your children learn about the game and have an enjoyable season.


Umpiring / Scoring Workshops


The NSJCA schedules a number of workshops during the course of each season, the details of which can be found on the NSJCA website

From U10 and up, the NSJCA requires each team to have at least two qualified umpires, but it works much better with a roster of 4 or more for each team.  Please register for the course to help ensure your child's team meets this requirement.


Training for Coaches


The Club encourages those involved in team coaching to obtain a Level 1 cricket coaching qualification, and will reimburse the cost upon successful completion of this 1 day training course.

North Sydney Juniors periodically run our own coaching courses.  For information on any upcoming courses, please email for details.


Private/small group coaching


If you are interested in having private/small group technique coaching, please contact Karl Riseborough at