Uniform and Gear

On match days, NSDJCC's expectation is that every player will take the field in:



  • a NSDJCC shirt
  • a NSDJCC broad-brimmed cricket hat
  • white cricket pants
  • white (or mainly white) cricket shoes or runners, with white socks



 Please note that we are in the process of transitioning from the shirt design with sponsorship introduced for season 2015/16 to a new shirt design with extra colouring and no sponsors' logos.  In season 2019/20, either will be acceptable.  For season 2020/21, the club will require all players to wear the new shirt.


All new players to the club, regardless of age, will receive a playing shirt (cost included with their registration fees). In Under 9s, new players will also receive a club broad-brimmed cricket hat, cost once again being included as part of the registration fee. 


For returning players requiring a new shirt, the cost is $35.  Also available for purchase, as part of the online registration process through is the following optional club merchandise:


  • club broad-brimmed hat $18
  • cricket pants (NSDJCC logo) $30
  • training shirt and shorts $60


We encourage players to attend weekly cricket training in the new training shirt and shorts, but stress this is optional for season 2019/20.

Team kits include all equipment necessary for playing, so there is no requirement for players to have their own gear.  However, most players prefer to have their own abdominal protector or “box” which can be purchased from the Greg Chappell shop for around $6.


You should, however, purchase your own ball for training, as the kit bag normally runs out quickly.


  • 90g aero club ball - U9 and Girls U11
  • 140g aero club ball - U10
  • 142g leather ball - U10 to U14, girls U13, U15, U18
  • 156g (full size, 2 piece leather) - U15
  • 156g (full size, 4 piece leather) - U17

If you want to purchase your own gear, a starting list is:

  • Bat
  • Helmet
  • Pads
  • Gloves
  • "Box"
  • Cricket pants
  • Shoes
  • Kit bag
  • etc, etc...  lots of ideas for birthdays or Xmas.