For many years, North Sydney Juniors Cricket Club has been running a very successful Milo in2Cricket program.  This program was rebranded in 2018 and is now known as the Woolworths Junior Blaster program.


The Woolworths Junior Blaster program is an introductory cricket program for boys and girls aged 4 yrs - 8 yrs (minimum age is 4, but you must be at school or commencing school before the cricket season ends in March).


The program covers a range of fundamental motor skills important to children's athletic and cricketing development such as hitting, catching, throwing, bowling and running. Groups are formed based on age and friendships. The emphasis is on fun while developing skills.

Location:        St Leonards Park, North Sydney


Time:              Saturdays  from 8.30am – 10.00 am


Begins:             Saturday 24 October 2020 

To register for Woolworths Junior Blaster Cricket for 4-8 year old boys and girls:


Note: we are looking for coordinators for our Woolworths Junior Blaster and Woolworths Master Blaster squads.  If you are interested, please contact Jenny Riseborough at